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Special offer for Ken

Dear friend, please see the earrings I craft.
First of all, a technical note -
I got a pair of 14K gold-filled earwires,
so I can attach it to any model you choose.
Please see the video below:
Now the 3 models of earrings.
I craft them of brass, organic pearls and natural garnet.

The earrings are all heavy weight, so they are not for everyday wear.
But they all are really great as a Rare Art jewelry for an event,
to make great photos at a party and to make every woman envy :-)

I made photos on my friend for you to better understand how it looks like on a person.
Also I made photos with gold-filled clasp, to see how it matches the design and metal color.
Offer #1
White pearls, garnet (almandine).
Oxidised brass.
Offer #2
Soft blush tone pearls, warm ivory/pale pink.
Oxidised brass.
Offer #3
Pale pink pearls, closer to cold sunrise tone.
Oxidised brass + silver plated brass.
IMPORTANT - how to open and close the clasp
Leverback earring clasp is very convinient to wear, as it has no sharp parts to damage skin. It is rounded and smoothered from all sides and discovering the way it opens may be not clear. Here is "how to"
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